For highly experienced managers, strategic executives and CEO’s this immersive simulation involves strategic complexity in operations, process changes, varied geographic markets, different drivers, foreign exchange rate fluctuations and hedging in a time driven environment to develop teamwork and decision making skills.

For strategic planning executives who are responsible for diverse markets and regional operations. This immersive simulation builds on the business concepts of the previous training but takes it to an international level. The simulation involves strategic complexity in operations and process changes; varied geographic markets with different drivers ; foreign exchange rate fluctuation and hedging. Your executives and managers are continually challenged to deal with real life business scenarios to maximize the operations of the business across international sectors.

Each business has opportunities to expand into new product lines, enter new global markets, develop quality initiatives, implement process improvements and develop strategic alliances.

Learning Objectives

Emphasises the integrated nature and function in decision making of company operations of production, R & D, sales, marketing, management and finance

  • Visualise the financial issues that drive the corporation
  • Improve the key business drivers
  • Perform long term planning
  • Re-evaluate market, operational and competitive positions
  • Search out unknown aspects of new markets
  • Assess the relative merits of competing proposals
  • Think long term
  • Analyse competitors financial position


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