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One of Income|Outcome®’s innovations is the business visualizer that creates the Company Board®, a unique 3-dimensional landscape of a company’s actual financial position. When workshops culminate in use of a Company Board, employees start applying their skills to the real world and the lessons stick.

For all team members. Great for challenging everyone in the company, this business simulation introduces challenges such as pricing, capacity, borrowing and working capital and debt repayment.

Financial concepts and impact are introduced over a period of 8 months of running a business. Scenarios include budgeting, cash flow forecasting and ratios.

This introduction to finance provides a common language for participants from sales, human resources, production and finance to understand the interrelated issues that impact your business’s performance.

Participants develop an enhanced understanding of how and why their everyday decisions impact other areas of the company. This awareness leads to initiatives in reducing costs, inventory and working capital.

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Learning objectives:

Emphasises the integrated nature and function in decision making of company operations of production, R & D, sales, marketing, management and finance

  • Difference between cash and profit
  • Fixed versus variable costs
  • Controlling working capital
  • Income statements and balance sheets
  • Monitoring cashflow, receivables and inventory
  • How to build shareholder value
  • Understand the value of a customer
  • How to reduce costs, inventory and working capital
  • Your company’s specific financial measures


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