Income|Outcome® is a highly refined business simulation program, that utilises best training techniques, to engage all levels of staff, in a real world game. The simulation results in long-lasting retention of financial concepts and business strategy.

Using game theory to hold people’s attention, Income|Outcome incorporates concepts of business finance and decision making, with application based learning. Staff and managers will be able to apply their new-found knowledge immediately upon returning to their workplace.

How does it work?

The Income|Outcome® programs incorporate a full mix of experiential learning styles – auditory, visual, kinesthetic and tactile-kinesthetic. The facilitators provide a guided ‘game’ so that participants relax and immerse themselves in this lively and challenging activity.

The training room is generally structured in teams of 4 to 5 individuals, with 12-30 participants in total, although larger groups can be accommodated. We provide all the necessary components for the training, either off site, or at your workplace. Trainer certification is also available.

Working together in teams, participants learn to appreciate the contribution that each member (or business unit) brings, to the ultimate success of the business. The training room becomes representative of the entire industry the business operates within.

The Game Board is an Income Statement and Balance Sheet

The Income/Outcome simulation board defines the two basic financial statements and the connections between them. Long after the classroom session is finished, employees continue to use this visual as a matrix, for organising and expressing ideas. The Income Statement shows the sales expenses and profit of the business. The Balance Sheet shows the assets liability and equity of the business. 


The Game Board Demonstrates the Difference Between Cash Flow and Profit

A company manages separately for cash and profit. The Income/Outcome simulation board separates these concepts into two distinct but related flows of activity. Understanding cash flow is one of the most powerful ‘aha!’ moments achieved by learners.


Key Financial Ratios Overlay the Game Board

The structure of the Income/Outcome simulation board supports a visual understanding of the use, importance, and inter-relationship of key financial ratios. The Income/Outcome Triangle for Ratio Analysis will be of permanent value to all managers.


The Game Board Lets Executives See the Dynamic Business Scenarios Created by Strategic Opportunity

Managers and executives use the Income/Outcome simulation board to visualise the dynamic business scenarios created by strategic opportunity. This visual representation incorporates cost structure and profit, working capital and cash flow, competitor considerations, development time to market, and the overall health of the company.





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