IO-finance-staff-income-outcome-finance-workshopsFinance Staff

Increase finance employee’s ability to ‘think outside the numbers’, think proactively and to understand the contribution that each of the business departments and elements make to the product or service outcome. Get them engaged in working as a team with other departments with the aim to achieve better business outcomes in terms of cost savings, better processes or income generation streams.

Through the training they will experience the operational decision making of having insufficient marketing information for making decisions, tight deadlines to bring product or services to market and not knowing the market price in advance. They learn the value of rapid, tactical market responses.

IO-income-outcome-finance-workshopsHR Managers

Provide Human Resource staff with a big picture overview of the drivers of business strategy and where they should focus their attention, skills and expertise – not just in performance reviews. Get them involved in understanding the underlying financial concepts that determine business success

IO-sales-income-outcome-finance-workshopsSales Staff

Develop ownership and knowledge of the ultimate impact of the deals that sales staff negotiate on profit, business cashflow, production timelines and customer satisfaction. Through increased awareness and understanding of the consequences of their sales they are able to identify their customers’ needs better and solve their purchasing problems resulting in win-win relationships.

IO-production-staff-income-outcome-finance-workshopsProduction Staff

Expand production staff’s understanding of the critical consequences their  day to day scheduling, inventory and production decisions have on the other business units in the company. With this knowledge they become better equipped and empowered to manage inventories and control production costs to the benefit of the bottom line.

IO-executive-income-outcome-finance-workshopsExecutives  & Managers

Ensure  managers and executive team become better managers. Income/Outcome training enhances and increases strategic, big picture thinking and planning.   By creating a visual replica of the business market place and the organisation’s market strategy they are enabled to see the interconnected relationships of the individual business components and visualize the effect of changing the mix of elements.

IO--team-income-outcome-finance-workshopsThe Entire Team

By including team members of all areas of the organization a business develops a shared financial language and corporate strategy. The teamwork that is harnessed during the business simulation flows back to the workplace. It provides stronger interdepartmental communication and problem solving throughout the entire company. This shared corporate vision translates directly into reduced costs, better customer outcomes and improved processes and systems.

IO--the-whole-team-income-outcome-finance-workshopsGovernment Employees

Few government employees have business experience. This best practice training ensures that employees and departments learn the critical aspects of budgeting, cash-flow management, interdepartmental co-operation and strategic thinking, and how these factors influence the success of government programs and important department performance indicators.

Income|Outcome® business simulations – finance managers love the language, CEO’s love the result and everyone improves their business acumen.

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